Thursday, December 03, 2009
Earlier this year, we heard from many of you on how important speed is to your daily activities on the web. We kicked off a series of discussions with the Internet community on ways to make the web faster: from Internet protocols and best practices in website development, to improvements in the browser itself.
A lot of engineering effort is involved in making sure that a browser continually provides a fast, responsive, and satisfying experience on the web. We're excited to see modern browsers continue to push the envelope in designing and optimizing browser architecture for speed and performance.
We've often been asked what makes Google Chrome so fast -- from its snappy start-up time and fast page-loading, to the ability to run complex web applications quickly. To walk through some of the thought processes and technical decisions involved in making Google Chrome a fast browser, we've put together three technical interviews on DNS pre-resolution, the V8 JavaScript engine, and DOM bindings. In a future post, we'll also cover other important areas like WebKit and UI responsiveness.


Have a go at the videos on that page !!! They are really worthwhile !!!

What really amazes me is the hard work that Google is putting into the speed element of Chrome & the Internet