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This is a discussion on What Happened to Chrome??? within the Chrome Talk section, part of the Google Chrome category: Chrome used to be such a great browser. Now its just awful. Go to watch videos at break.com and you ...

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    Default What Happened to Chrome???

    Chrome used to be such a great browser. Now its just awful. Go to watch videos at break.com and you gotta refresh the browser 4 ir 5 times to watch the video. You click on web sites, Again, Gotta refresh the browser to see the web site. I tried to install the latest version 15 I think, I have 13 and it wont install. Ran as administrator, I have no problems installing other software. Firefox installed NO problem. MAYBE instead of trying to release a new Browser so Quickly, You could try to Get a Stable Working Browser, Then go Beta with the next release, And when you get the bugs worked out, release it for others to use. So I guess for now its use firefox 6, It is faster and more well behaved, until you people can get chrome right. Nice Try Google. I had Hopes for this browser. Not any more.

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    I think your situation is isolated. Google chrome is a great browser and so is Firefox. The number one reason why I use Chrome is because it actually takes advantage of more than one CPU (Core). Firefox still to this day does not.Each tab in Chrome can use 1 core or CPU, whereas in Firefox, only 1 core of your CPU(s) can be used across all the tabs open, which significantly slows the reloading of tabs and general responsiveness.

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