I recently updated my chrome browser to 32.0.1700.107 and am really unsatisfied with the new version. First of all, the scroll bar has no arrows at the top and bottom and the bar itself is very pale and difficult to see. When I am reading a webpage I like to use the arrows to scroll down slowly as I read, I can no longer do this and have to use the actual scroll bar which can be jerky and no good for reading. Also, because the scroll bar is so pale and difficult to see, I often lose my place on the web page because I am trying to click the scroll bar and find that it was in another place to where I thought that it was.

Another problem that I have is when I download something, the browser no longer lets me choose which folder I want to download the file to. It just automatically downloads to the default download folder and the "save as" box never appears. This is a major issue for me because when I download something, I want to be able to chose the folder that I am downloading the file to and also rename the file if I have to.

If anyone can help me resolve these issues within the current version of chrome that I am using, then that would be awesome. If not, then if anyone can tell me where I can download an older version of chrome then I would really appreciate it. I have looked on google and am having trouble finding an older version.

Thanks in advance.