Hello, I need your help to know if what i'm planing to do is possible or not, or if it's already exists. For an Engineer school project i need generate a web html engine that create web pages in files and just display them. I of course don't have time to re-write chrome (that's clearly obvious) - So i would like to know if there is a mode or an existing project to have a sort of "small chrome" just a window with no options, no download manager, no bookmarks, no menu... And keep the ability to drag'n drop html files. I've already look in the source code and did not find any options in the content_switches.cc or in the chrome_switches.cc - I thought of re-write the main code by re-create a browser_main.cc and re-write content_main.cc to launch my own theads (BrowserMain, RendererMain, PluginMain, ... But it's really too big for me. So does anyone have a solution ? Thanks a lot !