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This is a discussion on New Tabs Background, Quick and easy within the Chrome Themes section, part of the Google Chrome category: Ive been a little iritated with all the themes out there... and I personally like chromes design, although i figure ...

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    Default New Tabs Background, Quick and easy

    Ive been a little iritated with all the themes out there... and I personally like chromes design, although i figure the new tabs page is a little bland.. after about half an hour, reading up on themes, from assorted sites, ive pretty much gotten the hang of it..., Only good for changing the background.
    No programing experience needed!

    Note: other than finding and prepping an image, it should take less than 2 minutes!

    Step 1:
    Find an Image you would like to use for the background

    Step 2:
    Open this file with an Image manipulation program. If you dont have one www.gimp.org is free, and works nicely.

    Adjust the size attributes to: 1400 width, and 700 height
    Then save as a .png file

    Step 3:
    create a new folder on your desktop (name doesnt matter)

    Step 4:
    create a folder within that folder titled "images' (without quotes)

    Step 5:
    Save your Image in this folder, with the name "theme_ntp_background_norepeat.png" (again no quotes)

    Step 6:
    Go up 1 level, from the "images" folder you just created, and save the attached file there. (rename it to manifest.json)

    step 7:
    Go to chromes extensions page, click pack extensions.

    Step 8:
    locate the folder you saved on the desktop, once the folder is located, click ok (dont click the "images" folder, just click the one directly on the desktop)

    Step 9:
    press: Ctrl+O, and find the .crx file that was created on your desktop

    Step 10:
    Run the file...

    Final notes:
    You can keep that .crx file somewhere to run anytime, to change your page back.
    The .pem file, is just a "key" that would allow you to update the theme, so it can pretty much be deleted..
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