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This is a discussion on Creating a Google Search history page within the Chrome Tips & Tricks section, part of the Google Chrome category: I got tired of trying to dig out google searches from the general history page (holding the left arrow) or ...

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    Default Creating a Google Search history page

    I got tired of trying to dig out google searches from the
    general history page (holding the left arrow) or having to retype them
    because finding them in the history was a pain. In Firefox I use
    the Google toolbar, which gives a search history drop-down box.

    My solution for Chrome:

    1. hold down the left-right arrows until the 'history' popup appears.
    2. select "show full history"
    3. in the search box at top, put this entry, IN QUOTES:
    "- google search".
    Be sure to put quotes before the - and leave a space after the -

    (currently "- Google Search" appears in the title bar when you
    do a search).

    4. click the 'search history' button.
    5. you will get a page of google searches you did, in reverse date order.
    6. drag the URL down to the bookmarks bar.

    Or be lazy and load this into the search line:
    and then drag it into the bookmarks bar.

    Chrome will name the new bookmark 'History'. If you
    right click on the bookmark, you can edit the name,
    such as changing it to Google Search Results.

    Now clicking that bookmark will bring up a page of
    google searches.
    (It may also snag a couple of pages from other sites)
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    Looks easier and better to me....

    Ok, you have to have a Google account, but this is great stuff.
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