Here's a simple extension for getting the download link to items on the WebStore. When you got to the page of an item at the WebStore then an icon will appear in the omnibox. Clicking on this icon will make the download link be copied into the clipboard ready to use in your download manager or woteva, the icon will also change to have a tick to say its done its job. I didnt use a popup or anything because you cant drag links from it and theres no context menu, so there didnt seem any point. This extension uses (is) a background page, so when your not using it disable it on the extensions page. Reason being, background pages are always in memory doing things, so if your not downloading extensions theres no point to it being there. I doubt Ill stick it on the Gallery as its really just a hack and could break at any moment and I cant be stuffed fixing it for its a ValorSolo only production
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