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This is a discussion on Find as you type and then click within the Chrome Tips & Tricks section, part of the Google Chrome category: All, I am very happy with Chrome. I switched over to it almost immediately in favor of Firefox. There is ...

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    Default Find as you type and then click


    I am very happy with Chrome. I switched over to it almost immediately in favor of Firefox. There is ONE thing, though, that I miss from Firefox.
    I am a big keyboard fan, I don't like using the mouse.
    With Firefox I used to navigate the web by typing the link text, then Firefox would take me to the link, and then I clicked enter that would click on the link. This made my navigation really fast without a mouse.
    With Chrome I can type the link text and it takes me there, but i can't click on it that I know of! I still have to tab until i find it (it can take for ever!) and then hit enter...
    Does anyone know how to do what I used to do in Firefox?

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    iron is offline Junior Member
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    should work. Maybe you have to hit enter when more tha one link starts with the same letters

    Was ist what you need?
    stay tuned....

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    that's awesome, I was wondering that myself b4.... thanks....

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    Quote Originally Posted by iron View Post

    should work.
    Is it possible to remap Find to something more sensible, like "/" ? Ctrl+F is a pain. Maybe chrome has an analog to about:config?

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    hhhmmm what about using F3 instead of ctrl+f duh ?!
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    Firefox like search as you type

    They talk about it more here, and even have a link to an extension that looks to do what you want... I really miss that feature from FF, its annoying that not only do you have to hit it to begin your search you have to do it every time a page changes/reloads etc...

    P.S. Posting duh comments when you ignore what they are actually asking and don't really contribute useful information kinda makes you look like a dick.
    Last edited by webguy16; 03-12-2010 at 10:12 PM.

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    Default FAYT off by Chrome dev internal choice, tell them to rethink!

    All: I'm going around, trying to get the word out on this issue and drum up support for it. Please help.

    If you want to have this feature (find as you type/FAYT) ENABLED IN CHROME BY DEFAULT, go to
    http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=150 and read #4 for why it's not.

    Then star ( = vote for) the issue, tell everyone who wants FAYT enabled by default to star it, and install tokland's extension as an awesome workaround for the time being: https://chrome.google.com/extensions...mghndkikcmoadk

    Also, please join my group on LinkedIn, start a Facebook group, tweet about it, or do something to spread the word: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3...k=myg_ugrp_ovr

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    To star the issue click on the star next to the word Issue...

    ...the star should turn yellow.
    If you get a message saying something like the page is read only for maintenance then the star wont be visible, please try again later (I just got that message)

    If you believe in this issue but dont want to install the extension, then please install the extension and then disable it on chromes Extensions page. This way the install count will still go up but it wont get in the way of allready assigned shortcuts or a webpages.

    Good luck on this, I want / to search and focus on the link

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