I took this bookmarklet from this website and use it extensively but would like to tweak it. My knowledge of javascript is not good so I'm hoping someone could help me out with this. The code basically splits a webpage into 2 frames, when selected a message box appears asking for a URL then another box appears asking for a 2nd URL when selected the page splits into 2 frames with the 2 URL's showing. I am trying to get this to split into 3 frames so I can view 3 different web pages at once to do some searching for work. The code is below, any help is appreciated.

javascript:A14nH=location.href;L3f7=prompt('Choose%20File%201',A14nH);R1Gh7=prompt('Choose%20File%20 2',L3f7);if(L3f7&&R1Gh7){Fr4Q='<frameset%20rows=\'*,*\'>\n<frame%20src=\''+L3f7+'\'/>';Fr4Q+='<frame%20src=\''+R1Gh7+'\'/>\n';Fr4Q+='</frameset>';with(document){write(Fr4Q);void(close())}}else{void(null)}

Thanks again