Is there a way to start Chrome from command line so it automatically will translate an entire webpage to English? I have found references to an "--auto-translate" switch, but it does not appear to work.

There are a number of news websites I view daily so, as a matter of convenience, I have listed them in a text file. And I wrote a batch file which parses this text file and opens the URL contained in each line in Chrome. Several of these websites are not in English, so the batch file inserts a URL for Google Translate website before their URL. The batch file executes perfectly but the problem is that Chrome still reports the webpage is not in English and offers to translate it for me. Which is both untidy and a bit annoying.

I don't want to disable the Google Translate function in Chrome because I do have occasion to use it. And I don't want to configure Chrome's Google Translate to "Always translate [language] to English" because, apart from this list, I generally prefer to view websites in the native language.

My ideal solution would be if, in addition to the "Never translate this site" Chrome configuration option, it also had one for "Always translate this site." But it doesn't, which is why I'm posting here.

Any ideas?