So you want to share data across Google Chrome Browser and your Android device but could not find a way to do it? Well, we at Chrome plugins Forum decide to put up a new thread so that you can easily connect your Android device your Google Chrome web browser and share files and links across them.

Before we begin you should download and install Chrome to Phone Extension in your browser.

Follow these guidelines to activate Chrome to Phone in your phone:

1. Download and Install Chrome to Phone from your browser (Instructions available at Google Chrome to Phone Extension)
2. Download Chrome to phone compatibility Android APK
3. If you are unable to Install from the Google Play store here is another Link
4. Follow the onscreen instructions
5. Now Log into your Google Account on your Chrome Browser
6. Wait a few sec till the Chrome Extension automatically finds your device
7. Share data across them by right clicking and send option from the browser.

Important: Please not that this feature will only work if you have registered with the same Google Account on your device and browser. So before you start panicking make sure you have provided the same credentials.

Installed Successfully But Still Facing problems?

You should clear the cache from your phone settings and then try again. This is what clear most of the problems -

1. Un-register the device
2. Sign out of Chrome Browser and Sign in Again
3. Select Extension Again and Log into Google Network
4. Press Register device on the Phone once again and try Again.
5. If you are still stuck clear the cache from the phone
6. Select Memory Card as storage option for this application

Enjoy. And dont forget to share this with your friends and colleagues.