There was a neat trick to Stumble webpages without downloading the StumbleUpon toolbar posted some weeks ago. However, the "toolbar" is a bit clumsy as it is for demoing the features only. After a while it gets very repetitive and you'll see the same few sites all over again.

This trick lets you specify as many interests as you want and find recent/popular pages on them. It uses data and you can specify as many tags as you want and they can be anything. The bad news is that you can't vote thumbs up or down nor will anything be saved to your StumbleUpon profile, but hey, that means you don't even have to have a StumbleUpon account to use this to find cool pages! Simply copy the code below and paste it to your address bar and it'll take you to a guided generator:

  • javascript:{function quotify(a){var i;for(i=0; i<a.length;i++){a[i] = "\'" + a[i] + "\'";}return a;} prompt("Now copy the script provided, click OK, right-click your bookmarks bar, select Add new site and paste the code to the URL-Adress section.","javascript:(function(kws){function Rnd(w) { return parseInt(Math.random() * (w + 1));} ;var url=''+kws[Rnd(kws.length)-1]+'?min=10&random='+Rnd(8); location.href = url;}([" + quotify(prompt("Enter a comma separated list of tags","chrome,google,flashgames,youtube,history").split(",")).join(",")+"]))");}

Huge thanks for rnd me from Webdeveloper forums, as well as another friend, for helping me with the script. See here for the original post.

There are some problems with the script: you will get repetive results if you don't specify many tags. Also, sometimes the script will define your tag as "undefined" which sends you to pages that don't correspond with your tags. If someone know JavaScript and wants to fix those probles, go ahead. Other than that it's functional.