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This is a discussion on Updating a bookmarked page... within the Chrome Tips & Tricks section, part of the Google Chrome category: Hi everyone...Chrome noob here I've been a fan of Firefox for the last few years but have gradually found myself ...

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    Default Updating a bookmarked page...

    Hi everyone...Chrome noob here

    I've been a fan of Firefox for the last few years but have gradually found myself drawn towards Chrome lately, as I've got an Android phone, and now an Android tablet, so it makes sense to start using chrome for my desktop browser for bookmark syncs etc... I've tried the FF android app, and I've found it awfully slow and generally sluggish, hence my foray into chrome-ville!!One of the things I really like in FF (desktop) is the ability to update a saved bookmark.

    For example, I regularly visit a forum thread but each page I read has a new url (page 3, page 4 etc..) so I want to update my saved bookmark to the new page url,

    On FF, there's an extension where I can just right-click the previously saved bookmark and choose 'update bookmark'It will now overwrite the saved page with the new page's url....

    A long-winded explanation of what I'm after, I know....but I hope you realise what I'm looking for! Is there an extension for this? I can't seem to find what I want via a search of Chrome's extensions....

    Hope you can help and once more...hello!!
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    *Bump* ......anyone???

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    ...guess not then :-(

    Thanks for all your help anyway, much appreciated!

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    You may find doing everything with extensions limiting. For example I don't like to save Tab sets since as a rule, they make reopening the browser with the tab set open dog slow. And dead slow if the HD is busy.

    Instead I drag and drop the address from the address bar into EditPadLite7 editor. I have various text files with sets of urls. I wrote a small hack to bring up an input box where you can type in a filter word. Only urls with the word will open. If you leave it blank it opens them all. Here's the advantage of not using an extension. My program allows you to set up 6 browsers and you click the one you want to open the url set with. What does this have to do with your issue? EditPadLite7 also has a line sort function. Drag & drop the new url, hit sort, then the old one should be right next to it. Delete the old one.

    An example where the filter comes in handy. I have a bunch of urls for an online store. I keep checking to see if items are now back in stock. But it's tiresome to click bookmarks. So I run Browser Bunch and type in the item name. Brings up a Gui and I pick which browser I want to navigate to the page in the online store that has that item listed.

    Anyway my app is called Browser Bunch. A google should bring it up. It opens sets of urls just by appending them to the command line. No tab extension needed. This simple technique works in chrome, firefox, opera and MaxThon 3. It may work in others but 4 browsers are enough for me.

    Of course for this technique to work you must have your browser set to open new links in tabs rather than new windows. Also last time I checked, IE has a bug where it opens in new windows no matter what you want, at least in some versions. But I don't use IE anyway.
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