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This is a discussion on recording streaming video within the Chrome Tools section, part of the Google Chrome category: I'm heartily sick of watching some stop-start "streaming" video & being unable to save it for later viewing or study. ...

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    Default recording streaming video

    I'm heartily sick of watching some stop-start "streaming" video & being unable to save it for later viewing or study.
    I guess the video makers have their reasons even if I can't fathom them.
    I'd hoped Chrome by now would have been a simple answer but the more time I spend searching & reading the more confused I get.

    Surely this is such a basic everyday need by everyone that a simple straightforward solution must exist.
    I don't much care if it's a plug in, an add on, or whatever, I would just like to be able to do it without messing around with scripts, which from what I can see work one moment & then not another.
    Blackcoil whatever it is is, still listed, but the link page will not load.
    Would someone please update me & if there is a solution (it needs to apply more broadly than just UTube) spell out in simple terms how to arrange this so that you can save easily as & when required.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to ChromePlugins

    have you consider using 3rd party applications ?

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    I have spent now more time searching & downloaded a couple for testing.
    I also found one bookmark related recommendation.
    All after posting, despite spending a couple of hours before requesting help.
    In the past, using IE7, I have not been entirely happy with the typical 3rd party offering but lets see.
    If you have one that's free, & which you can recommend please advise the link.
    Peter O
    Chrome V

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    1-I would like to be able to do this in Chrome, it can be done with IE by locating your temporary internet folder.
    2-To do so you can go to "Folder Options" > "View" > Under "Hidden files and folders" click "Show hidden files and folders", also un-check "Hide protected operating system files" (I suggest to re-check after you have created the short cut to your temporary internet files.
    3-Than follow this to your hidden "Temporary Internet Files":
    C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.
    4-Create a shortcut to temporary internet files.
    Note: (I have a single file on my desktop where I place these shortcuts and others to many desired programs such as my anti-virus/ spyware software...for quick access.)
    Note: Deleting temporary files before downloading the desired video helps to eliminate a lot of clutter when trying to find the desired file.
    5-Than download/play the desired video.
    6-You may than copy and paste (or drag and drop) the desired file (to file on your desktop as an example to find it easily).
    Note: The video files will be the larger ones.
    Note: Some "Videos: are in other formats that one can not download (HTMLs?)
    7-You should rename with the subject and you may have to add the file extension.
    Note: Many videos are in the Flash Video format so try the file extension .flv
    8-With this technique you can grab most videos and pictures.
    9-Be sure your anti-virus, anti-spyware are up to date in case you import a malware this way.
    10-For viewing the .flv and most other media I use the "GOM" player available as a free download at: http://www.gomlab.com/eng/GMP_download.html
    I hope this is helpful.

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