I was using the FireFox browser the last 5 Years and I was looking for something new. So I have tested the google chrome browser and I like the chrome. He starts very fast and the handling is very good. So I try to use the chrome as my standard browser.

Normally I erase everything when I am closing the chrome. Every cache, the cookies, the history and so on. The Firefox got the option to make some exceptions for the cookies. So, when I close the FireFox, he clean the history, cache, the cookies and so on, but he saved the cookie in the exception list. Itīs very usefull for me. So I can make exceptions for some pageīs (like my own websites) and itīs not necessary to login again until I erase the cookie manual.

I love this handling but I havenīt found such an option for the chrome. This is the last thing, that I missed for the browser! I there any way to make an exception for the cookies?

Greetz Hexo