It started a few days ago - I'd go into GMail whilst in Chrome and within about 30 seconds everything locks up totally. CTRL>ALT>DEL to get to Task Manager doesn't work, so hold down power button. I tried a few things but eventually uninstalled it using Revo Uninstaller and reinstalled it from the stand alone installer. (Just prior to that I had tried using Chrome and Gmail after booting into safe mode with networking and it seemed to behave itself)

The new install seemed to work for a while and then went screwey again. I clicked on the spanner and "About Google Chrome" and it more or less straight away told me it was installing an update (didn't ask if I wanted to). I finally ended up with Ver 9.0.597.94. This is even worse since it's locking in Internet Banking and F1, and also in safe mode.

I'm now back in FF (and noticing the drop in speed). What do I try next? I'm using Vista Home Premium SP 2.