there is a site i co manage at ieeepnec.zxq.neti had a redirect set up at file had the redirect as followsrecently we changed some things, and index.html no longer existed and instead we had index.php,i changed the redirect script to not the thing is there is no other file hosted at i have the same file with other names as a back ups etcnow other browsers redirect successfully, but chrome redirects me to a url that gies a file not found error...and the error is not native to the in it DOES redirect me for eg if i go to it would give a different file not found error.and here is the kickerif i go to it works just fine.ive tried clearing out cache, deleting history etc.ive tried it on another pc aswelli was suggested to try .htaccess but i dont think its permitted or that it can cause the issue with chrome onlychrome version: 15.0.874.120 mp.s im not a developer, i just manage it...but none of us have any clue about the problem