Chrome Version: 17.0.963.56 m

Windows Version: Windows 7 Starter

Extensions Installed: Boo... No extensions installed

User scripts in-use: None that I am aware of; the website causing problem might have some scripts

1. I try to acces the icici bank login page(
2. Almost instantaneously the page disappears and I get a blue screen (unable to attach screen shots as attachments not allowed)
3. I am thus unable to log in to my bank account using Chrome
4. I am able to do so, however, using Internet Explorer

Steps I have taken to resolve the problem:
1. Downloaded and installed latest version of Shockwave Flash Player
2. Uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it
3. Tried to find how to install chrome Plugin for shockwave; couldn't find the resource; instead landed on the chrome troubleshooting page

Problem remains