I'm trying to install Chrome on a friend's lapotop. It did have it on, but he gave it to me after it stopped going online completely. Did a couple of searches, spyware/malware/virii and it was riddled with them, all of them. I've cleaned it out, even running Malwarebytes, Spybot, CCleaner and NOD32 in Safe Mode and am able to go online with it now.
The problem is that I've tried reinstalling Chrome, (after uninstalling it as it said it couldn't find the exe file), and I try starting the installation, using both the web installer and the standalone installer, but nothing happens. The icon changes, as it does when working, but nothing. No error messages, no popups, no installation.
He's running Win7, the Chrome I'm trying to install seems to be 7.0.517.44 and Firefox and IE both work perfectly. I just can't get Chrome to install.
Anyone any ideas? I've drawn a blank, especially after searching the internet for the last 4 hours wondering what could be wrong.