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This is a discussion on Error. within the Chrome Troubleshooting section, part of the Google Chrome category: Hey there, whenever I try to get to a page, for instance open a new tab or similar, clicking on ...

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    Default Error.

    Hey there, whenever I try to get to a page, for instance open a new tab or similar, clicking on a link or even downloads, etc etc, I get a error.
    I dont remember exactly what it was, but the gist of it is as follows;

    "Error in initilizing application (00xc0000220)" or something like that.
    The error code number is...iffy.

    I believe it has (after some research on my part) something to do with my .DLL files not correctly allowing it to...do its thing? Not sure.

    I often can open a new tab...and click on a bookmark or type a url...
    And nothing happens.
    No loading, no error, just a blank page and...blah.

    And also.

    My Zune player (The software) running in the background often glitches and is 'printed' on the chrome browser...kinda like whne a program goes 'Not Responding' mode and when you drag another file or window over it it leaves trails/makes it a white silhouette.
    (P.s- im running windows xp SP2, media center edition- and does anyone know how i can enable the option of editing the security functions of files in the properties? [right click-> properties] Im the administrator on this computer.)

    Offered fixes from friends:
    - Reinstall Chrome
    - Jump through a lot of hoops and edit the files in Safemode. [edit: im not even sure if its the file thats the problem... editing system32 files isnt my cup of tea]

    Thank you sirs!
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    Sounds more like your computer is ready for a reformat really.. :S
    Also I don't know anything about the Media Center Edition menus so I can't really direct you on getting to the permissions. You can always download the Windows version of chmod though..
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    It would normally help if you post what version of Chrome you have and whether you are having similar issues with any other browsers you have installed...

    This helps to identify whether the issue is a Chrome one or is your computer ...

    However in this instance it sounds like Chrome is totally knackered so my first option would be to reinstall and see what happens ...

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