Recently, well actually quite a while ago, Google Chrome has been acting funky with me. I can't tell if it's the computer or Chrome itself but what's been happening is whenever I open a new page it takes extremely long to load sometimes and it often takes me to a loading error page and if tells me to refresh, I do but it takes several refreshes to actually get the site up. The error page gives some tips on how you may be able to fix this and I've tried them but nothing has really worked. Also every now and then Chrome takes way to long to load a page and ends up crashing on me. I've been using Firefox because of this and Firefox is working fine compared to Chrome, Chrome has gotten a bit better recently I admit, to avoid the crashing I have to continuously clear all my history and Cache and it's getting annoying doing this every time I use Chrome for like 20 minutes. I mostly just use it to read Manga using the All Manga reader but I wouldn't mind being able to use it as my default again. Anyways, I hope y'all can help. Thanks you.