Hello everyone, I'm quite new here and hope to be a helpful member of the community.
But enough about me, heres my question, this may not be trouble shooting but its something that sounded closer to that then anything else.As I am sure many of us know, All new cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you've opened when you are in incognito mode. I haven't been using Chrome very long but want to get into where it keeps the temporary cookies before you close all the incognito tabs. If you want to know, I was looking up some stuff on Chinese history for school in a incognito window with maybe 15 tabs in it at the time. I searched for a guys name (can't spell it right as its in romanized Chinese and can't remember what it is at this point) but I closed the tab. Since theres no history of the event and it was closed but the window is still open I wanted to know if there is any cookie record of it so I can follow that back to the page? (I'm never doing incognito research again)祝你今天愉快