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This is a discussion on No Pulldown Search? A dealbreaker within the Chrome Troubleshooting section, part of the Google Chrome category: Firefox's pulldown search bar has become an essential internet browsing device for me. Need to search something on youtube? Just ...

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    Default No Pulldown Search? A dealbreaker

    Firefox's pulldown search bar has become an essential internet browsing device for me.

    Need to search something on youtube? Just pull down to youtube and enter in the terms. Need to search something on wikepedia or dictionary.com? Easy- Pull it down and type it in and press enter. If you need to do multiple searches on multiple tabs, the pulldown search is super fast and handy.

    It is so much more annoying to have to click a link and wait for the website to load before entering your search terms.

    The new Chrome address bar does not fill this function. Sure it may remember an older search, but why would you search for the same thing twice to begin with? I rarely if ever use auto-fills for searches.

    I found that you can create a bookmark and insert some complicated javascript to fulfill the autosearch function. You click the link once you've favd' it and it opens a search dialogue popup box.

    First off, having to pop up a box to type in is not as streamlined as the quick pulldown search. What is great about the pulldown search is you can enter a search term, and then search in multiple engines without having to retype anything. I have done this a lot of times before- Searching for a video on youtube, then just switch the search engine to google in another tab to search for the lyrics, and maybe reading some history about the band in wikepedia without having to retype the song name or artist.

    With the javascript workaround, you also have to use up valuable bookmark space. Again, firefox's pulldown search just takes up one tiny box, and you can have as many search engines as you want.

    I loved the idea of chrome. Why? Because it is based on speed. I hate how firefox can lag down my computer if i'm running memory intensive programs. I want to love chrome. I want to switch to it. But in the end, the awkward search feature actually negates the speed factor. I'd rather have to wait a few seconds for 5 webpages to load on firefox (maybe contemplate the meaning of life for a few seconds while you wait) than have to take even more time with Chrome to set the searches up in the first place.

    Firefox's search was not duplicated in chrome, and I fear that I am going to uninstall chrome, as much as I loved and wanted it to work.

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    Why do you, like so many others, have this "either/or" attitude?

    Why not just use Firefox for the things it's good at and Chrome
    for the things it does best?

    Think of it like having 2 cars.
    1 is a station wagon with plenty of room and a nice big motor.
    Perfect for everyday tasks like shopping or taking family/friends
    out etc etc etc .
    The other is a zappy 2 seater ... perfect for when just
    wanna go for a quick spin, without too much baggage.....

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