I was watching a video on nba.com, and suddenly I got an error message that the plugin (adobe shockwave flash) crashed. I reloaded the page, but the plugin kept crashing. Then, I just restarted the browser, and, although the browser opened, my home page would not load, nor would any other page I tried. I used several anti-malware and anti-virus scans, but none of them returned anything. (usually when my chrome pages won't load, something comes up and its fixed). A scan with the google pc tools spyware doctor came up with a threat twice, but after I fixed it nothing changed. So then I tried deleting the browsing history, but when I try to clear the cache it just takes an infinitely long time to load. Then, when I try to delete cookies the whole browser stops responding and I have to shut it down with task manager. Now firefox is crashing, and internet explorer is the only browser I have left.