Hi everybody,

let me start by saying that Chrome is a solid browser and we recommend our users to use it instead of I..... and Fir...... I have run into a problem with some of my costumers for which I cannot find a solution. We have programmed a internet based solution for physicians, Medics and semipractitioners to manage their clinic and patients. If you want a print from the system it comes by downloading a PDF file. Now to the problem, some of my costumers get a "do you want to save" dialog from ADOBE Reader (or alt. PDF reader) before it does open and you can get your print, the problem is that this does not happen all the time some times the print opens without asking and sometimes the save as dialog appears. My users use as standard the option "open always file types" so the download proceeds to the PDF viewer without asking whether or not you want to open. There are no Firewall or AV rules that could have influence on it I have checked that. Could it be something with the OS or some Chrome tweak .... Please help

Thanks on advance