Hello there! I went on vacation for three days and came back to see that Google Chrome closed on me, maybe an update? I don't know, but when I went to open it back up it is now all messed up. There is a scroll bar with 2 inches of scroll at the bottom of the page and everything seems to be zoomed in. I have already done Ctrl-0 and the mouse and control and all of that and nothing is working. It was fine when I left, but now it is all messed up. I tried adjusting screen resolution, but nothing happened and I went over to Internet Explorer and opened that and it fits the monitor perfectly, but I really like Google Chrome so if anyone could help I would very much appreciate it! My current resolution on this computer is 1280x1024. Another thing with this all being messed up is I like to have a lot of tabs and usually the tabs don't cross over the minimize, maximize, and the close buttons, but my tabs are going over them and won't let me click them. Even if the new tab thing is over the buttons and I click minimize right where the new tab is, the new tab gets priority over the minimize. Please help. Thank you!