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This is a discussion on Troubleshooting Help - Read Before Posting within the Chrome Troubleshooting section, part of the Google Chrome category: This is an attempt to put together 1 post that can be stickied to help newcomers help us help them ...

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    Lightbulb Troubleshooting Help - Read Before Posting

    This is an attempt to put together 1 post that can be stickied to help newcomers help us help them (lots of helps!). Any and all feedback is welcome. I can't say I'm the best writer or the most creative at formatting so if you have any suggestions there please chime in.

    Before posting a new thread asking for help please follow the guidelines below. This will help ensure that you get the necessary guidance in resolving your issue.

    First and foremost check to see if your problem has already been reported as a bug here http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/list. If it's already been posted there then there is nothing we can do to help. If it's not posted there then let's move on to some simple troubleshooting steps.

    Troubleshooting Chrome Issues
    1. Does your problem exist in Internet Explorer? If yes, you have a 3rd-party software, Windows or ISP issue. Feel free to post your problem but this forum is dedicated to Chrome so we might not be of much help. If no, then proceed to step 2.

    2. Are you using any extensions? If yes, try creating a new Chrome shortcut WITHOUT extensions enabled and see if your problem still exists. If no, then your problem is with one or more of your extensions. Navigate to your Chrome extension folder:
    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions
    C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

    Here you will see various folders with random numbers and letters in the name. Each folder represents an installed extension. Highlight all the folders and copy them to your Desktop (as a backup). Once you've verified your backup go back to the original extension folder and delete the folders. This basically uninstalls all your extensions. Take one of the folders you backed up on the desktop and copy it back into the extension folder. Open up Chrome and see if your problem still exists. Follow this method until you've isolated the problematic extension. Once you know the extension that is causing you problem delete it from the extension folder and reinstall it from the original source. If your problem still persists use the template down below to post about your problem in the forum.

    If you are not using extensions, move on to the next step.

    3. Are you using the Beta or Dev versions of Chrome? If so try reverting to the Stable version and then test to see if your issue persists. The following is taken from http://dev.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel and it provides detailed info on backing up your Chrome data before changing channels.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chromium Documentation
    Going Back to a More Stable Channel
    If you decide to switch from Dev to Beta or from Beta to Stable, the new channel will be on an earlier version of Google Chrome. You won't get automatic updates on that channel until it reaches a version later than what you're already running.

    You can uninstall Google Chrome and re-install from http://www.google.com/chrome to go back to an earlier version.

    If you re-install an older version, you might find that your profile is not compatible (because the data formats changed in the newer version you had been running). You'll have to delete your profile data. Delete the User Data\Default folder (see the Before You Change Channels section above for the location). If you made a back up of your Default directory, you can then rename it to Default so that you at least restore some of your previous bookmarks, most visited pages, etc.
    If your problem went away, try following the link I provided above in the above to change channels back to Beta or Dev (depending on which you were using) and see if your problem is gone. If not, move on to the next step.

    4. Using the information in the above link, go ahead and backup your Google Chrome data. We are now going to fully remove Chrome and reinstall it. The following was taken from Google support found here: http://www.google.com/support/chrome...n&answer=95319

    Quote Originally Posted by Google Support
    You can remove Google Chrome like any other Windows program. Follow these steps:

    Go to the Start menu > All Programs > Google Chrome > Uninstall Google Chrome.
    Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
    The uninstall process will begin and all your Google Chrome browser and application shortcuts will also be removed.

    Alternatively, use the Add or Remove programs function in Window XP's Control Panel or Programs and Features in Windows Vista to remove the browser.
    If you have problems uninstalling, here is how to manually uninstall Chrome. The following is taken from http://www.google.com/support/chrome...&answer=111899

    Quote Originally Posted by Google Support
    If you're having problems uninstalling Google Chrome through your Control Panel, follow these steps to manually remove the browser:

    These instructions involve modifying your Windows registry. If you're uncomfortable or unfamiliar with editing your registry, you may want to consult someone before you start. You may also wish to backup your registry before proceeding.

    Make sure extensions are displayed for your files. Here's how:
    Go to your Start menu > Control Panel.
    Double-click Folder Options.
    Click the View tab.
    Make sure the checkbox for 'Hide extensions for known file types' is deselected.
    Right-click this link.

    Click Save Link as and save the file name as "remove.reg" and the file type as 'All files' on your Windows desktop. (Note the use of the '.reg' file extension).
    Close all Google Chrome windows and exit the program completely.
    Double-click the "remove.reg" file on your desktop.
    In the confirmation window, click Yes.
    Click OK.
    Go to your Start menu > Run.
    Enter one of the following commands in the text field, depending on your operating system:
    Windows XP:%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
    Windows Vista: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp
    Delete the 'Chrome' folder.
    If you were using the Stable version of Chrome, go ahead and reinstall it from http://www.google.com/chrome
    If you were using Beta or Dev, this link provides information on subscribing to the proper channel http://dev.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel

    Quote Originally Posted by Chromium
    Subscribing to a Channel

    Download and run the installer for the channel:
    Dev channel: http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?extra=devchannel
    Beta channel: http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.ht...ra=betachannel
    You'll need to restart Google Chrome to get the update. If this didn't work to get the latest build on a channel, you can try using the Channel Changer (http://dev.chromium.org/getting-invo...hannel-changer).

    (We'd really appreciate it if you check the box to 'Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google.' This data is completely anonymous and doesn't interfere with performance. The data we get from the Dev and Beta channels is incredibly valuable in helping identify hard to spot problems and crashes.)
    When attempting to reimport data you backed up into your fresh Chrome install, it's wise to remember that if you are running a version different than the version you backed up, your data MAY NOT import properly and could cause problems. If you are now using the same version as before, I recommend ONLY importing the FILES in the Default folder and IGNORE the subfolders (ie. don't copy over Cache, Extensions and Plugin Data). This will ensure you keep your bookmarks, history, forms and passwords (mostly) while avoiding the risk of copying over the original problem again.

    5. If by now your problem still persists, it's time to recruit some help. Use the following template and information to provide us with as much information as possible to resolve your problem.

    Chrome Version:
    Tools (Wrench icon in upper right-hand corner), then "About Google Chrome"

    Verion of Windows:

    Installed extensions:
    Navigate to chrome://extensions in the url bar

    User scripts in-use:

    Problem (as descriptive as possible, screenshots are most helpful):

    Steps you've taken to resolve the problem:

    How to take screenshots:
    1. Have the Google Chrome window focused, showing the problem as best as possible.
    2. With the window active, hold ALT and while holding it press the "PrtScn" generally in the upper right-hand portion of the keyboard (might also be prt sc, PrntScn, PrtScrn depending on your keyboard)
    3. Now that you've capture your screen into the computer's clipboard, open up Microsoft Pain (if you are familiar with the run command, you can open up Run and enter "mspaint" without quotes and hit enter). You can also use the Windows Button + R to open run command quickly.
    4. With Paint running go up to Edit on the top of the screen and click on "Paste". This should paste the screen you captured into the program.
    5. Generally there will be nothing you will want to modify (unless you want to cover up personal data you may have capture in thet screenshot) so you can go File > Save As and save the picture wherever you like (I generally save the files as something descriptive enough to know what it's for ie. chrometabproblem.jpg).
    6. Now that the file is saved, you are going to want to upload it be able to link it on this forum. I recommend using www.imageshack.com for ease of use.
    7. Once you have uploaded your image, copy the contents of the "Thumbnail for forums (1)" and paste it into your post. This will give everyone a thumbnail view of your screenshot that they can click on to view full-size, without making the forums unreadable.

    You may also want to post a bug report to help resolve issues. You can do so here: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/entry
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    Wow, great effort Devil. Very well done.

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    Great job buddy!!

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    Thanks for pointing out the links. They should be fixed now. What do ya'll think of the process and the information contained within?

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    Thats perfect! I'm stickying it now

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    Thanks Ed for the uplifting comment. It is good to know that somehow I could be of help although the thread is way old.
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