Your view of your business is important. While you look at your finances, spreadsheets, marketing materials and calendars, don’t you want to see them clearly? Good news, while the clarity of computer monitors is increasing, the prices are dropping—17-inch LCD monitors range from about $150 to $200, 19-inch models start at around $180 and go up to $300, and 20-inch monitors can be found just above $220. Add in rebates, increased productivity and energy savings, and your actual cost can be even lower. If you are staring at an older monitor, it may be blurring your vision and slowing you down. It’s time to take action to get a better and bigger picture.

What the right computer monitor can do for you:
1. Reduce energy costs.
2. Reduce eyestrain.
3. Save scrolling time for wide spreadsheets or graphics viewing.
4. Improve productivity.