Have you ever suddenly woke up at night to remember an email that you were suppose to get back to but forgot? You remember reading it, but after clicking away it became “read, unbolded, and forgotten” by Outlook. Don’t you hate that feeling?

Have you ever wanted to just quickly scan your emails, looking for importance, and plan to get back to them later, but Outlook marks them all as read? Now you have to waste time right-clicking each of them and marking them back as unread just so you can deal with them later. Don’t you find this annoying?

Don’t you wish there was an Outlook add-in that prevented Outlook from marking everything that you click on as “read”?

Well, now there is. We found a new Outlook plugin called “i-Read-it Outlook Plugin”. After installing i- Read-it, a new toolbar shows up in Outlook with 4 buttons:
2.Deal With Later
3.Remind Me Soon
4.I-Read-it Options
Outlook Plugin