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This is a discussion on Reliable Image Hosting Provider? within the General Chat section, part of the Chrome Forum News category: i moved away from imageshack to photobucket years ago, it may not have the space you're looking for but it's ...

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    i moved away from imageshack to photobucket years ago, it may not have the space you're looking for but it's a great free hosting service .
    For the record: Hello Kitty and Naruto Themes are the suck .

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevePaul View Post

    So which one do you use ?
    I don't need a picture manager so I don't use things for those services.
    However I generally upload images to http://tinypic.com or http://bayimg.com

    Quote Originally Posted by darkyndy View Post
    @Waha - if you use "Modern View" and you don't have a very good connection is very possible (I've encountered this when I had slow ISP).
    I'm talking about direct links, view styles have nothing to do with those.
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    I personally use Photobucket and love their service..

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    Hm.... I read that Photobucket is owned by FOX yesterday... so I gave it another try... they have a pay-as-you-go option. $3/month which is a very fair price.

    LOL But during the sign up process just error messages and more error messages. "The action that you were trying to perform has failed." I'm gonna try it again tonight lol
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    Cool BlueMelon

    Hi there, BlueMelon offers all you ask for

    • unmetered bandwidth
    • being able to set privat/public photo access
    • direct linking to images
    • between 1 GB and 5 GB space (being able to buy via PayPal more space later?) - 1 GB free and unlimited storage for $25 a year
    • provider should exist longer than a year lol
    • quick export possibility for backups - there is a full-album downloader available (and a quick and easy way to get all of your images into one album (they can be in more albums at a time)
    • sexy UI just like Flickr lol - depends on what you find sexy

    Good luck!

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    Regarding Image shack. I love the service. But it's having way too many uptime problems in the last couple of months. Then the images sometimes aren't getting displayed at all. Disturbing, but probably their paid service is way better?! Only problem is that it's way too expensive. 8 dollars each month is freaky expensive in my opinion.

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    You can get the image hosting here http://www.xnynz.com/ and also get the hosting,domain name register, domain appraisal, online file folder, ssl certificate etc....

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