Hi I recently purchased a macbook some 3 months ago and then elevated it to snow leopard and everything was fine. Before macbook, I had an HP laptop and then the battery lasted for 15 minutes. To learn more about the battery backup, I downloaded istat and coconut battery after I learned that they are being really good offering great services. Actually I desperately wanted to maintain my battery to its best.

I enjoyed the service for a couple of weeks with 100 % battery according to coconut battery. But istat always show 1% below what the coconut battery show or display. Coconut battery show 100% and Istat displayed 99%.

Each and every month I adjust my battery by charging it fully leaving it plugged. After charging it for two hours, I used to unplug it and make use of it until it works. After that, I leave the device for the rest 5 hours or more and then charge it again. For the past few weeks, I am seeing that the battery is slipping from 100 to 99%. This situation got me upset and so I started adjusting but the battery did not went back to 100%. I thought that this is happening because I am adjusting the whole thing again and again.

After a week later, I again turn on my macbook and now it was showing 97%. The situation started irritating me a lot and I was freaked out. I am not getting the point actually. I donít know what wrong I am doing. Actually I plug it in and then unplug it after it is fully charged. But after it has dropped to 98 percent I started keeping it plugged because I thought that this will be better for the battery. I donít know what to doÖ

If I start with adjusting it again, will it go back to its 100 percent health? Is it normal for a macbook to be at 98 percent battery backup already? Plz help me out how can i resolve the issue ?