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This is a discussion on Chrome Extension function within the Plugins Development section, part of the Chrome Plugins category: Hi all, How do I go about writting a google chrome extension that fills in a textbox with information and ...

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    Default Chrome Extension function

    Hi all,

    How do I go about writting a google chrome extension that fills in a textbox with information and submit it via the "Submit" button next to the textbox. however I only want the extension to do this and not the user. also the information to fill in needs to come in as a parameter when a java application runs/invokes google chrome browser.

    Rough steps:
    1. java application loads google chrome browser with a certain URL and gives it some text(for the textbox on the webpage)
    2. google chrome extension loads when google chrome browser loads
    3. google chrome extension fills in textbox with text been given by the Java application
    4. google chrome extension clicks on the "Submit" button (or presses the "Enter" key)

    Appreciate any help.



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    For 4: http://www.javascript-coder.com/java...m-submit.phtml
    If you need help with 3 I'd suggest reading through a basic JavaScript tutorial, editing input fields is pretty basic.
    If you wanna know the command line for loading a url with Chrome, the basic one is just:
    chrome -- "http://yoururl.com"
    If you need to pass any other flags they go before the --
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