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This is a discussion on Great idea for Chrome Scrapbook extension - Need opinion, advice etc within the Plugins Development section, part of the Chrome Plugins category: Hello readers, (for some reason the spacing doesn't work for me on this forum)This is one of my first posts ...

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    Lightbulb Great idea for Chrome Scrapbook extension - Need opinion, advice etc

    Hello readers, (for some reason the spacing doesn't work for me on this forum)This is one of my first posts on this forum and I actually made this account in the first place so that I could post my large (and very ambitious!) idea for a google chrome extension. I have thought about it thoughourly and used most other note programs (a strange addiction) and it seems to me to be a more efficient, useful and intuitive program than any of the others I have used.So, this may end up being kind of long but here goes:My extension would be called something like Data Harvester (and the icon would be a robot with a farmers hat!) and its purpose would be to provide the quickest way for users to collect and work with information from the internet and also an intuitive and easy to use way to sync data across chrome browsers (chrome sync), share with others, collaborate and post to the internet. It would also include some simple text editing tools, and tools for outlining, scrapbooking, web design and web programming. Of course the interface would be based on the firefox extension 'Scrapbook', a very good extension on which this is based although there is no Chrome extension which entirely matches it (hopefully this would be better!)Like Scrapbook it would feature a left side pane file browser with a small box for quick editing and dropping of files. It would also have an added 'unfilled' section for things saved to the scrapbook without a destination. It would also be a place to quickly drop files to move at a later time.I envision this file browser to be more like Coda's Transmit file browser however with small back and forward buttons and a drop down file path up the top. It would also feature the search bar. Files could be created from this browser by typing in the search bar and pressing enter (like Notational Velocity for Mac or Resoph Notes for Windows) to search for notes and also text in notes, enter is not pressed. A little button would be needed to create folders. Advanced searches and the ability to create saved searches would also be fantastic features especially due to the absence of tags in this program (As a substitute, metadata takes priority in searches and is saved into groups like tags. I can tell that going into this too much may start an argument but I just find their flexibility over folders counteracted by their clumsiness. The logistics of having a tag cloud or a whole lot of tags to remember is to me unsound. Possibly a system where tags were dictionary defined and sorted and when typed in, synonyms of other tags were found would be good but still seems a little dodgy to me.)Data Harvester would also make use of the developer tool console in chrome. As the notes in this program would be HTML based it would display all the usual tabs on its ribbon for the notes (as they are web pages and some would even have traffic if they were published or shared). Some other tabs would be added which are as followsreview - Uses chrome to display the page as normal. Useful for splitting the page into two views.Details - Contains text boxes and forms for source and Metadata of page. Also includes a reference generator which can be copied to the clipboard and inserted into a document. Also contains info on the page such as a table of links and back-links. This part is a little like the other great firefox extension Zotoro.media - A place where scrapbook related media is stored to be added to pages. It is another file browser in which files are displayed as icons. In the media file library would be some folders (although of course more could be added). These folders could include widgets, forms, markup (with mind mapping objects), source code snippets and framework files (explained later). iTunes and image files could be added by the user and it could even be used as an auxiliary file browser if a shortcut to the scrapbook folder was added.A configuration button would need to be added to allow the customisation of this ribbon and the reordering of the tabs. Another good feature would be an auto hiding ability on mouseout. Another button should be added which would create another toolbox under the other (a lot like the page splitter in Coda)On top of this toolbox would be a toolbar like that in Scrapbook. This toolbar would contain simple text editing tools and other tools like shapes, text boxes, sticky notes and annotations and just for looks could have a cool transparent background.Editing of a page could either be done by using the toolbar tools directly on the page or by editing the pages source.In this program the general specifications of a page would be dictated by the type of notebook. This type of folder would allow users to create different types of notebooks for different types of documents. The type of notebook would be dictated by a framework file which holds its specifications. This could be invisible but change the icon of the notebook. These framework files should include Scrapbook (general settings including most or all features), Wiki (automatic link creation and creates 'portals' of links. Possibly even an adapted version of MediaWiki with WYSIWYG editing), Outliner (Basic settings, plain text), Custom (Allows the creation of a frameworks file from a selection of options however the creation of a very unique framework would require coding)Also, for the record, todo's and calender events should be able to be added to any document (like stikkit if anyones used that) and then be viewed as one collaborated todo list and be synced to gcal or ical.As for the actual extension icon. Double clicking it would show and hide all aspects of the programs GUI. Single clicking would bring up a drop-down with the options: Harvest this, full page screenshot, area selection screenshot, new unfilled noteI'm not sure if this should be bundled but it would work really well if chrome supported group tabs like Opera. It would be great if they automatically sorted into groups if they all come from the same website (i.e all wikipedia) and if they all came from the same data harvester folder. The extension icon would have a save session option and on the side pane of data harvester there could be a section for saved sessions (as the grouped tabs would be saved as well). It would also be great if tabs could be dragged from the tab bar to a side of the page to split that page in two.This could possibly be another extension but be highly integrated with Data HarvesterI have lots of other great ideas for this program and also for widgets and stuff that could go with it. Some feedback would be great as i'm very new to this so please give your honest advice and opinions. The main reason why I posted this an not just made it myself is because I am just learning Javascript and even though I am understanding it, I am just realising its complexity. It would take me a long time to learn enough to make something this complex and it may take years of building up to it and even then take longer to make. So what I am also asking is how should I go about turning this idea into a program? Should I make it an open source project or just put it up on a website like this and see if anyone takes an interest in making it? I really have no idea about this part so any info would be great.Also, if interest is taken in this I would be happy to make a graphical mind map and some pictures to demonstrate the details better (also theres lots more to demonstrate)Note - This could be an 'app', I don't know the difference.So thats it for now, 'whew' . Thanks guys for reading, if you only read half your a legend and I hope you like it
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