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This is a discussion on Link In Tool Strip Not Working within the Plugins Development section, part of the Chrome Plugins category: First of sorry if this is a double post and if it is please give link to the other post. ...

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    Default Link In Tool Strip Not Working

    First of sorry if this is a double post and if it is please give link to the other post. And sorry it's in the wrong place. I'm in the early stages on making a extensions that when clicked opens Google Chat Frame (http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_frame.asp) in current tab. I'm having problems doing that because when I open file:///C:/Users/Toshiba/Desktop/gTALK/toolstrip.html , the link works, and in the toolstrip it doesn't. Can someone point out the problem to me, please.
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    Well I might not be the best to answer this coz Im not the best coder and make alot of dumb mistakes but I know how much it sucks when no one answers so I will (this time).
    The extension in the toolstrip is like a mini web page and so if that link did work all it would do is change whats on the toolstrip (i think).
    So what you have to do is actually change the url of the selected Tab.
    When in doubt look at something that works and rip it off .
    I had a look at....
    [Ext] Toolstrip Address Bar
    ....and after ditching what ya dont need was left with this....
    function go(addr)
    chrome.tabs.getSelected(null, function(tab) {
        adr= {
        url: addr,
        selected: true}
    Keep in mind that use's the tab api or whatever its called so you need to enable tab permissions in your manifest...

    and this from the gmail checker for opening in a new tab....
    and heres your extension with two buttons, one for the current page and one for a new tab.

    Hope that helps get ya started.

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