hi, i am new to chrome browser and its development of extensions, but i want to build my own one. i actually did a lot, but dont know, how to get further... what the extension should do: when the user selects text in the page, there should be a new context menu item (done - works) by clicking on that item, the extension contacts my server and sends the selected phrase to get more information about it (AJAX). (works) the result should be shown in a "bubble" or else... (failed) i tried some hours but didnt get the bubble done... only with "alert()" i see, that the return string is ok. i tried to add a new div-element (document.createelement("div")) and append it to body... failed. so i dont know how to get this done... How can i get a small "tool tip" like mini window in that specific page (250x250 px size), but no popup if possible. any tips? k