Hello guys,I am trying to use the Windowless mode for our NPAPI plugin that currently works flawlessly in Windowed mode. I am doing a simple test but getting negative results...Here's an excerpt from my code... ... NPN_SetValue( i_pNpInstance, NPPVpluginWindowBool, (void*)false ); ... HPEN hPen = ::CreatePen(PS_DASHDOTDOT, 1, RGB(255, 25, 5)); ::SelectObject( (HDC)( m_NPWindow.window ), hPen ); BOOL ret = ::Rectangle( (HDC)( m_NPWindow.window ), 20, 22, 250, 125); ...The above code works in Firefox v8.0, the return value from the Rectangle(...) function is 1, and I see a rectangle on screen, whereas the return value for Chrome v15.0 is 0 (with completely black screen).The m_NPWindow structure contains good values (i.e, no null, no zeroes, windowType is Drawable, etc).What am I doing wrong? What should I look for? I thought the same code is supposed to work in both Firefox and Chrome. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.Thanks,Mehdi