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This is a discussion on Converting Bookmarklet into User Script within the Plugins Troubleshooting section, part of the Chrome Plugins category: What i want is for the following bookmarklet, to be automatically ran, not prompt the user (using www.google.com , and ...

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    Default Converting Bookmarklet into User Script

    What i want is for the following bookmarklet, to be automatically ran, not prompt the user (using www.google.com, and the current webpage), and sending the left webpage as far left as it can go (making the page essentially look normal, except for a drag bar):
    so anyway, i got to messing around with the script, here being my version(Working Bookmark):
    javascript:R1Gh7=location.href;L3f7= "http://www.google.com/";if(R1Gh7&&L3f7){Fr4Q='<frameset%20cols="0%,100%">\n<frame%20src=\''+L3f7+'\'/>';Fr4Q+='<frame%20src=\''+R1Gh7+'\'/>\n';Fr4Q+='</frameset>';with(document){write(Fr4Q);void(close())}}else{void(null)}
    which does everything I need, except run automatically. I had figured all I would have to do at this point, is download a pre-existing userscript, remove all the code below its commented tags, change the comment tags from the sites its suposed to run, to the sites I want it to run, and paste my code below (without the "javascript:" part).
    It didnt work, so i tried with that, then i tried adding: location.href = "myscript", which also didnt work. Trying this, and about 5 other things i found on google, and spending over an hour.. I decided it best to just post it here..

    I am Ok with you doing the adjustments for it to work properly, but I would apreciate if you atleast leave comments, walking me through what you did (so i can do it if i ever need)

    Or you could point me in the right direction, since im probably just missing a line of script..
    Broken Source Code:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name       Google Duel View
    // @namespace  http://www.5isharing.com/
    // @version    1.7.3
    // @description  Allow For Duel View on googles homepage, and Igoogle
    // @include        http://www.google.com/*
    // @copyright  2010+, Bloody_T
    // @license    GPL version 3 or any later version; http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
    // ==/UserScript==
    location.href = "javascript:R1Gh7=location.href;L3f7= "http://www.google.com/";if(R1Gh7&&L3f7){Fr4Q='<frameset%20cols="0%,100%">\n<frame%20src=\''+L3f7+'\'/>';Fr4Q+='<frame%20src=\''+R1Gh7+'\'/>\n';Fr4Q+='</frameset>';with(document){write(Fr4Q);void(close())}}else{void(null)}";
    And no i do not actually know javascript, or i probably wouldnt be having this problem.. XD
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