The other day the click & clean plug in was updated to version 8.0. Aside from having to check my settings - which was no big deal the program does not seem to be cleaning everything when I close the browser any more. At first I just thought that perhaps the little icon in the lower left corner was not included in the update (letting me know that it was clearing out everything) so I went back to the settings and clicked for the option for it to "play a sound when it was finished" but there is no sound played and if I click on task manager it does not show that it is running there either. The only time I am getting the "sound when finished" or see that it is running is if I open it up and select to run the cleaner.

I have also noticed that even though I have clicked for it to clean out passwords it is not doing that either.

One other thing that I can't find any information on is on the old version I could choose whether or not it cleared the flash local shared objects (lso) which I could select or leave on the older version. Where is that option now?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated - or information on how to go back to the older version.