Okay, first up the info...

Chrome version:
Adobe Flash Player plug-in version:
OS: Windows XP with SP3

I recently switched to Chrome because Firefox was constantly resizing frames for no apparent reason and taking up lots of memory. Whenever I go to Facebook, one particular app/game gives me trouble now. The Roller Coaster Kingdom game has been giving me fits. Whenever I visit a neighbor's park to do a good deed, Flash would freeze after about 3 neighbors. I finally used Chrome's Task Manager to watch what was happening. The plug-in was normally running 287,000 Kb in my own park, but upon answering my neighbor's request for that good deed, the plug-in would grow in size massively. By the third neighbor, the plug in is well over 600,000 kb.

I'm getting really frustrated with this problem. If there can be no fix, then I guess I'll give up that game.

One other minor nit is that whenever I type something in a textbox in Chrome, it's constantly being underlined like I'm misspelling it, and if I left-click on any of the underlined words, Chrome crashes. Clicking away from the textbox alleviates the underlining, but continuing on afterwards reintroduces the problem.