Lately I have been doing a lot of UI modifications on my laptop, and a day or two ago I found a Windows theme based off of the Quickplay area of the Zune client. This inspired me to start working on my own theme to match it for Google Chrome. The theme uses both modifications of the Chrome .dll and a .prx file. (A lot of people just go for simple .prx themes.)

Right now it is still a work in progress, but I'd like to get some feedback before I totally finish.

Here is a screenshot of the Zune Quickplay for comparison.

These are the bugs I know of:
  • Credit image disappears sometimes. fixed
  • When multiple tabs are open there is a small lighter colored line in-between/under them.
  • Exit/minimize/maximize area is pretty screwed up.
  • When hovered over some of the letters from the menu condense. This happens most with the letter M.
  • If the downloads bar is open and the most visited sites section is expanded the attribution image will be hidden.
  • Some issues with visibility of images in the url box if using not using a dark windows theme.

For the menu one of the goals I have is easy customization. The method I am thinking of is having outside txt files in the chrome folder and have each menu item call the url and name for its link from one of these files using javascript.

Feel free to offer constructive criticism, advice, or comments.