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Google Brings Out 'No Miley' Extension for Chrome Users

by S.Roy on September 13, 2013

Google has introduced a new plug-in that blocks Miley Cyrus-related words from web pages. Named as “No Cyrus”, the extension prevents any mention of the pop sensation, including her outrageous comments that irk many users. [click to continue...]

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New Chromebooks to Arrive From Different Makers

by S.Roy on September 12, 2013

Google has announced new Chromebooks to arrive soon into the market from different hardware manufacturers. The announcement was made at the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF), where new Chromebooks with Haswell (4th generation of Intel processors) were also announced.

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New Line of Chromebooks to Run on 4th Generation Intel Chips

by S.Roy on September 11, 2013

Processor-giant Intel is expected to unveil a new line of Chromebooks, or Chrome notebooks running the Chrome OS, at the Intel Developer Forum this week. The highlight? The notebooks are set to come powered with Haswell, the 4th generation of Intel processors.

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Updated Google Logo Spotted in Chrome for Android Beta, Removed Fast

by S.Roy on September 10, 2013

The Google Chrome for Android Beta has recently been spotted with a new logo, which hints at a further attempt at modernizing the brand on the 5th year of the Chrome browser. The logo bears a slight change and not a completely redesigned one, unlike what Yahoo has done.

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Google Releases New Offline-Online Apps for Desktop

by S.Roy on September 9, 2013

Chrome apps, until now, worked only over the web. Google has launched a new type of Chrome app that can work offline as well as on other operating systems, apart from Google OS itself. The release coincides with the 5th anniversary of the Chrome browser and symbolizes at a greater leap for Google.

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Google Chrome Browser Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

by S.Roy on September 7, 2013

Folks at Mountain View may be having a grand time as their much-loved browser celebrates its 5th anniversary. Yes, the Google Chrome browser has turned 5 years old and it has given its makers more than one reason to celebrate.

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iOS gets its Chromecast App from Google

by S.Roy on August 28, 2013

The official Ch

romecast app for iOS has been released by Google, which allows Apple phones to control the HDMI application officially. The app lets Apple users perform diverse functions like managing Chromecast settings for changing passwords, names and settings of the device. The app also allows users to set up Chromecast through an iOS device. Users may also stream content from iOS apps, which include Netflix and YouTube.

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Google Testing Search-Enabled Tabs in Chrome Browser and OS

by S.Roy on August 27, 2013

Google is plann

ing to introduce a search box into the “new tab” window, in an effort to make search easier for users. The feature will work in Chrome browsers where Google has been set as the default search engine.

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No More Local Video Streaming Support to Chromecast

by S.Roy on August 26, 2013

Chromecast, the $35 device from Google to stream videos from the web to TV, has been robbed of a support that would shock many developers. Until now, the device could be used to stream local video to TV. But a recent update from Google seems to have disabled support for directly streaming videos from mobile devices or PCs to the Chromecast.

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Google Plus Photos App Now Goes Beyond Chromebook Pixel

by S.Roy on August 24, 2013

The much-loved Google+ Photos app is now no more exclusive to the Chromebook Pixel notebook. The application, available in as many as 52 languages, can now be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and installed in other Chromebooks.

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