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Avoid Spilling Spoilers on Facebook with New Google Chrome Extension

by S.Roy on May 31, 2013

There might be times when you request your Facebook buddies not to reveal spoilers about your favorite movies or television shows – with no success? With a new extension for the Google Chrome browser, titled “Silencer,” you will finally be able to hide all content that can be revealed by those on your Facebook or Twitter follower list.

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Google Brings Two New Games for Chrome Users

by S.Roy on May 30, 2013

Internet giant Google has released two new games as part of its venture “Chrome experiments.” Named as “Racer” and “Roll It”, these games can be played on the Chrome browser on tablets as well as mobile phones. Virtually anything that runs the Chrome web browser, be it a laptop/desktop or an Android or iOS device can play these games.

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Google Brings Pay for In-app Content to Chrome

by S.Roy on May 29, 2013

That Google is working hard to improve hard its Chrome browser is evident to all. And the latest in the series of improvements is the soon-to-be-added support for in-app payments. With this feature, you will soon to be able to pay for content displayed within apps in the Chrome Web Store.

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Spruce Up New Tab Page in Chrome Browser with Eponymous Add-On

by S.Roy on April 22, 2013

The white new tab page in the Google Chrome browser has always tickled your imagination. A new extension for the browser now makes it easier for you to decorate the page with the kind of stuff that you like and find useful.

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Chrome Stops Silent Installation of Malicious Add-ons

by S.Roy on April 18, 2013

With the internet serving more and more functions for you, it becomes necessary to add extensions to your web browser that can make your life easier. The trouble is, mischief makers target many of these add-ons to gain entry into your system. Chrome has recently added a feature to its latest stable version that guards you from these malicious extensions.

What it does is to block the silent installation of extensions in the Chrome browser. This prevents automatic installation of third-party plug-ins like security applications or other programs running on the system. From this week, Chrome will also scan all the extensions that are downloaded to the local drive and inform users whether or not the programs are potentially harmful. While trying to install an add-on, you would be notified like this:

Picture of Chrome Notification for Malicious Extension

Picture –  Chrome Notification for Malicious Extension Download Screenshot

In the past, many users encountered the misfortune of having malware infecting their system in the form of third-party extensions that were silently installed by the Chrome browser. The present security fix seeks to address this important issue and make add-on installation safer for Chrome users.

In recent months, developers have tried to address many security holes in the Chrome browser and the latest stable versions have come with plenty of bug fixes. Alongside its browser, Google is also constantly striving to make the Chrome OS more secure for users which it hopes would increase the sales of the program.


Chrome OS Likely to Get Redesigned Windows Buttons

by S.Roy on April 13, 2013

With their makers being the same, Chrome and Android are heading in a direction where they may be called cousins. This is no joke – as far as the design is concerned. The latest improvements in the design of the Chrome OS are testimony to the fact.

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Chrome Officially Severs Ties with Apple Webkit

by S.Roy on April 9, 2013

It is official now. Chrome – the famous browser from Google Inc., has officially severed ties with Webkit – the popular open source rendering engine of Apple. The rendering engine for Chrome Canary now shows ‘Blink’ instead of ‘Webkit’.

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New Google Commercials Become Hugely Popular

by S.Roy on April 8, 2013

The speculation is over. 72andSunny has done it again and its four new ads for Google Chrome have managed to win over one and all – even skeptics. Its commercials, particularly the one featuring the 1 year-old intellectual wonder, have topped the video charts.

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Google Plays April Fool Joke on Chrome Users

by S.Roy on April 3, 2013

Google played a cool, nay – blue “April Fool” joke on as many as three million of its users who woke up to watch the Blue Gmail video of Google and doubted whether the developers had really lost their aesthetics.

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Experience Websites as Marble Maze Game in Google Chrome

by S.Roy on March 24, 2013

A new experiment by Google developers has turned websites into a fun marble maze game. Launched on Thursday last week, this innovative venture transforms websites into a 3-D landscape maze. The game can be played by using smartphones.

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