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Tips To Make Your Chrome Browser Work Faster

by Chrome Blog on December 23, 2014

Is the Chrome Browser on your device getting slow? Do the websites take a long time to load? Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is a user-friendly and speedy browser with plug-ins and extensions making browsing easier. However, these additional features of Chrome can sometimes slow down its speed or may even cause it to crash.

If the slow browsing speed of Chrome is annoying you, then read the following tips or tricks on how to make the Chrome Browser work faster.

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Google Introduces Infinity New Tab Extension for Chrome

by Chrome Blog on December 15, 2014

Recently Google has introduced a cloud application platform for Chrome, which it calls Infinity New Tab. This Chrome extension can run even without Internet connection and enables you to make use of Chrome more easily and elegantly. You can redefine the “New Tab Page” with this powerful extension as it offers new features including

  • Cloud Sync
  • Addition of favorite websites at your will
  • Unparalleled smooth experience
  • Speed Dial with Rapid Start

Infinity New Tab Extension Picture

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Smart Lock For Chrome OS – An Ultimate Security Solution is Introduced

by Chrome Blog on December 12, 2014

The launch of Android has certainly helped Google to grow in numbers and in users. Earlier, folks who were not utilizing Google’s services have now joined them and are currently established users of their services. Increase in Android sales has also caused a significant rise in sales of Chromebook, the notebook from Google that runs on Chromium OS.

The next move from Google is quite smart as they are aiming to develop the major platforms – Android OS and Chrome OS together. This is the first attempt from Google to merge the platforms together. Recently, the search-engine giant has come out with an attempt to develop an application compatibility solution that can be used on different computers running on various operating systems. The compatibility solution has been termed as Smartlock.

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Google Chrome Blocks Local Extensions!

by Sagnik Roy on May 28, 2014

Google began wiping out local Chrome extensions and plug-ins with an aim of making it a faster and much more secure web browser. This means, as of today, only the extensions and plug-ins available in the Chrome web store can be installed. Google says they are doing this to protect users from malware. Easily accessible and downloadable plug-ins in random websites can easily mask malicious software. This policy change was initially announced in November 2013, which was to take effect with the release of Chrome 33 in January this year. Google has finally flipped this switch with the launch of Chrome 35 last week. [click to continue…]


Music Bubble Extension For Chrome – A Music Lover’s Delight!

by Sagnik Roy on May 26, 2014

Chrome extensions are Google Chrome’s browser extensions that provide extra features and functionality to modify the browser according to the user’s requirements and preferences. One such Chrome extension, build exclusively for the music lovers is the Music Bubble. The extension with an awkward name, but remarkable utility allows users to control their musical proceedings anytime, without having to leave the current tab they are on.

music-bubbles image

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Chrome devices to be powered by Rockchip RK-3288?

by Sagnik Roy on May 26, 2014

Rockchip RK3288 powered Chrome OS devices might hit the market soon. In April this year, Rockchip, the Chinese chip maker company gave a demo show of Chromium OS running in their prototype board. And recently we have heard Google’s Francois Beaufort reporting that a new ARM development board featuring the same processor is functioning at the Chrome OS repository. This means, the Chrome OS is being checked on Rockchip processor and if things go well, we might see Chrome OS devices running on this chipset soon. [click to continue…]


Google Announces Chrome version 36

by Sagnik Roy on May 23, 2014

Google is on a roll, and within two days of releasing a very stable Chrome version 35, the web giants have already announced the next update. Chrome 36 Beta for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems will update features for specifically developers, app builders and web builders. [click to continue…]


‘OK Google’ Voice Search Control for Chrome OS

by Sagnik Roy on May 22, 2014

The web giant, Google has recently added a voice search command to launch searches in its Chrome OS. The latest update (version 35) introduces search capabilities for new tabs or Google search pages using the hot-word ‘OK Google’. This can turn out to be a very interesting and functional service for people to initiate searches while travelling, cooking or in general when people are lazy! [click to continue…]

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Google Chrome KryptoKit Faux Pas

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

This morning was greeted with an uproar worldwide surrounding KryptoKit (bitcoin wallet & encrypted messaging extension) being removed from Google Chrome Extension Store. There was quite a speculation as to what the main issue was as none of the developers could provide a concrete answer. KryptoKit, which has support of some of the most prominent members of the bitcoin community has been running successfully for the past six months and had been well-received by users – until today. [click to continue…]


How To Stop Google Chrome From Sharing Data With Google

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the fastest browsers and has a horde of customizable features for users to make their browsing experience interesting and convenient. But in the process of doing so, Google Chrome is capable of and does send every kind of data entered by users back to Google. This is the main reason behind a faster working of the browser, but users should also be aware of the data being shared by Chrome or how to stop Chrome from doing that. [click to continue…]


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