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Some Themes Released Over The Last Week

by Chrome Blog on July 22, 2009

The week gone by was a bit slow as far developments for Google Chrome is concerned. The webspace was full of news and rumours and likes and dislikes and predictions about the recently announced Google Chrome OS. In our forum, we had some themes released by a few of the developers and apart from that there was nothing much.

So i decided to post about those themes today as a recap for our readers. The themes which were released were not the best themes that we have seen so far already, but they have got a sense of uniqueness about them which i really liked.

Aero White Mod Theme

This is a customised theme of the famous Aero Theme by Stamga. You will not see a lot of changes in the theme from the original which is understandable as this was never meant to be completely different.


Download Aero White Mod Theme
(click above for support aswell)

Chromium Buttons Theme

This shall not be confused as a theme meant for Chromium. This is  a theme for Chrome Developer Version in which the buttons have been taken from Chromium and applied in the theme. So you get Chromium buttons on your Google Chrome Dev version.


Download Chromium Buttons Theme
(click above for support aswell)

Gr4y Theme

A simple theme greyish black theme.


Download Gr4y Theme
(click above for support as well)

VS-Vista Theme

Another vista based theme for chrome. There might a few more adjustments made on this later on though.


Download VS-Vista Theme
(click above for support aswell)

I hope you guys like the themes. I am awaiting a few breaking changes in Chrome in coming weeks and probably some more confirmed news on Google Chrome OS.

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