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How To Use New Tab Page Feature In Google Chrome?

by arupchou on September 26, 2011

Chrome 15 Beta has already started to create a buzz in the tech world as this version of Google’s browser boasts of a feature known as “New Tab Page“. The feature makes it easier to manage bookmarks, apps and the most visited sites. In this article, we will tell you as to how you can use the New Tab Page in Chrome.

The new page divides the Chrome Web Apps, Bookmarks and Most visited sites into three categories. You will find arrows on the left and right side of the page. However, in case you do not find the arrows, then move the mouse over the area and in they will light up in the background. You can use then to browse through the three default categories. The browser will remember the last one you looked at and you will be returned to it when you restart the browser.

Other Intuitive Feature In Chrome 15

There is another feature included in Chrome 15 beta. Users can click and pull the items from any of the three pages below the bar and create categories to keep them organized. In order to name the category, you need to double click on the new category label. In order to remove any item, you need to drag it to the bottom right corner of the page and you will find a trash will appear where you can drop it.

Play the video below to get a graphical description of the usage of the New Tab Feature.

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