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Restoration Of The Old “New Tab” Page In Chrome 15

by arupchou on November 14, 2011

Recently we reviewed the stable version of Google Chrome 15 and about its various features. One of the main features in Chrome 15 in the “New Tab” Page, which has been redesigned to emphasize web applications. But some of our readers found this feature a bit odd, as this does not allow them to pin pages on the “Most Visited” list. This essentially means that if you do not visit the pages often then the important sites may drop off the list. If you do not like the “New Tab” page in Chrome 15, then we will tell you a way as to how you can go back to the old page layout which allows you to pin pages.

Ways To Restore Old “New Tab” Page in Chrome 15

  • In order to get back the old page layout, first of all you need to close Google Chrome completely.
  • Then right click on Chrome’s shortcut icon on the desktop or in the Start Menu and select “Properties”

Google Chrome Properties

  • In order to restore the old page layout, you need to make changes in the Target line of which appear after you click “Properties.”

Target Line

  • Add “–new-tab-page” at the end of the target line keeping in mind that there is a space between \chrome.exe and –new-tab-page. After making changes, the target line should read as

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –new-tab-page (In Vista/Windows 7)


  • Now click “OK” to close the Properties Window
  • Now whenever you open Google Chrome with the help of that shortcut, then you can use the old “New Tab” page layout instead of the new one

Do let us know whether you found the above piece of information useful or not through your valuable comments.

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1 Dubya 11.14.11 at 4:55 am

I hate the new “new tab page”. It is a huge step backwards from the old.
Unfortunately, this fix does not appear to work in the dev build, version 17.

2 Kerry hicks 06.05.12 at 12:56 pm

Hate the new tab…it’s bye by google

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