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Steps To Change Default Search Engine In Chrome

by arupchou on August 20, 2011

Today I felt like doing something different. Every day when I browse the internet using Chrome, Google is the default search engine. I wanted to change my default search engine to something else. I know it sounds a bit scary since Google is the most widely used search engine. But i thought of experimenting thinking that in future the need to use another search engine might arise anytime.

Changing Default Search Engine

When you open Chrome, take the mouse to the address bar and on right clicking you will get an option “Edit Search Engines”.

Edit Search Engines

When you click on the option, you will get a list of several search engines which you can make your default search engine.

List Of Search Engines

Choose any one option and select “Make Default”. The chosen search engine will become your default search engine.

Make Default Browser

Do let us know your experience of using a different search engine on Chrome through your comments and keep visiting to know more Chrome tips and tricks.

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1 abdelhafid 08.20.11 at 5:00 pm

you kidding me right ? who in the name of the lord wants to change his default search engine (google)

2 dmb 08.20.11 at 11:06 pm

i would like something indicating what search engine i am currently using on my chrome search bar….
also, my service provider, charter cable, redding, ca, constantly makes my searches go through them…since their my service provider i don’t seem to be able to stop it..definite privacy breach

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