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Stream Facebook/Twitter Feeds In Google Plus Using Chrome Extension

by arupchou on August 6, 2011

Google+ is the latest entrant in social networking arena. Google+ looks forward to challenge the dominance of Facebook and Twitter in the social networking arena. Now what if you are surfing Google+, and want to know what is happening in your Facebook and Twitter account. Well, do not worry.  SG Plus extension for Chrome will help you to read your Facebook and Twitter feeds within G+. Read on the tutorial to know how.

Streaming Facebook And Twitter Feeds In G+

First of all you need to install G+

Install SG plus

Once you install the extension, you will get a tutorial. Read the tutorial carefully which will come every time you reload G+.


Now click on the SG+ icon which is present at the top right hand corner of your browser. Once you click it, you will see Facebook and Twitter Tabs. Once you select it you will get to see just a single option “Sign In”. All you need to do is to click onto it and the validation process will start automatically. Once you are signed in then you can set up features from the same tab.

FaceBook And Twitter

The extension automatically detects when you load a G+ page and then it streams your FB and Twitter feeds. After the first installation it may take some time and sometimes there can be occasional glitches. However, work in the extension is being carried out and to be honest I feel that the extension makes social networking life easy and hassle free.

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1 Ruth Wood 08.09.11 at 5:22 am

for some reason this extension is not working on one of the computers I have it on…works fine on 2 others….what am I doing wrong? 🙂

2 Zak Wallace 08.24.11 at 7:29 am

First of all I love this extension sure makes my social networking experience so much easier… So thank you for that. On another note I am having troubles now it keeps logging me off my Facebook stream for some reason. I have had to log in twice in the last hour…. Anything I can do to keep this from happening or is it something on the back end?


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