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Tips To Make Your Chrome Browser Work Faster

by Chrome Blog on December 23, 2014

Is the Chrome Browser on your device getting slow? Do the websites take a long time to load? Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is a user-friendly and speedy browser with plug-ins and extensions making browsing easier. However, these additional features of Chrome can sometimes slow down its speed or may even cause it to crash.

If the slow browsing speed of Chrome is annoying you, then read the following tips or tricks on how to make the Chrome Browser work faster.

  • Modify the Add-ons and Extensions: Type chrome: //extensions/ and then click enter to alter the add-ons and extensions on Chrome. In this way, unwanted add-ons and extensions can be disabled on the browser. If you need to utilize the disabled add-ons and extensions again, you can re-enable them.

Chrome Extension page Image

  • Manage the Plug-ins: Chrome plugins are helpful in making the browser smooth and effective. However, numerous unwanted plugins are installed by software running on your device. These plugins should be managed properly t ensure swift and lag-free browsing. Enter chrome: //plugins/ to remove the unnecessary plugins.

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  • Remove Browsing Data: Browsing speed is greatly influenced by the available memory. You can free memory and improve performance of Chrome by clearing browser data including cookies, cache, and history. Browser data can be removed by entering chrome: // settings/clearBrowserData. You may remove specific items or remove everything.

chrome clear browsing data photo

  • Use the Updated version: The developers keep in mind the challenges experienced by the users and try to improve the browser. Use of latest software is recommended since the updated version consists of the solutions to problems encountered in the earlier version. Entering chrome: //chrome/ enables you to update the browser.

You can apply the aforementioned changes to alter the way your Chrome works and the great thing is you can again reset the settings to default. Therefore, try with the ideas mentioned above and make the browser more effective.

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