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Useful Chrome Tools For Online Marketing

by arupchou on July 25, 2011

Marketing of product and services has always been the core concept of any business enterprise. It is through marketing that people get to know about the products of a company and whether the product is useful for them. But very often companies’ especially small ones cannot undertake marketing beyond a certain destination because of huge capital involved. So they sought to online marketing which will not only cheap but also helps them to cater to a wide range of audiences. But it is important to note that online marketing too needs to be carried out in a wise manner so that it turns out to be productive. In this article we present to you some useful Chrome tools which will help online marketers to better sell their product to a large number of buyers.

Efficient Chrome Tools For Online Marketers

Google Global

Google GlobalGoogle Global is a useful Chrome extension which has been developed by Redfly Ltd. With the help of this extension, marketers are able to see how as to how Google search results appear in various countries, cities and regions. The extension has default countries set and it allows marketer to add customized locations so that they can see how search results are flashed in the location they require. The add-on is one of the best for marketing firms whose client base is spread across the globe. To download Google Global, click here.

SEOmoz Mozbar

With the help of this Chrome extension you get lot of search information. The extension helps you to easily access SEOmoz link SEOmoz Mozbarmetrics when you are browsing the net. It gives you access to tools such as Open Site Explorer, Keyword Difficulty, Rank Tracker etc. which are useful for marketing. It helps users to analyze overlay of page and depicts metrics and elements of page. It also has the ability to display the toolbar at the top or bottom of the page. The extension has got several SEO friendly features. To download SEOmoz Mozbar, click here.

SEO And Website Analysis

SEO & Website AnalysisSEO And Website Analysis Chrome extension gives users a comprehensive analysis of SEO as it covers more than 50SEO and usability criteria. It provides several SEO tools for your website to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It is one of the most powerful SEO tools for internet marketers, designers, developers etc. It has several features such as traffic estimation, complete rank, meta keywords, meta description, Ajax, Flash , Google Analytics etc. To download SEO And Website Analysis, click here.

Google Suggest 4 Google Insights for Search

Google Suggest 4 Google Insights For SearchThis extension helps users to access Google Suggest functionality. When users start typing, as soon as they type the third character is typed and they get language and country specific result from Google Suggest. Users can adjust the language and country settings as per their choice. To download Google Suggest 4 Google Insights for Search, click here.

Do let us know about your views about these add-ons through your comments. If you have more of such extensions, do share them with us. Enjoy!!!

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